Wandering the World Day 337 : I moved to Tokushima prefecture.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

【Main places to stay】

Konan City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan

Matsushige Town, Itano District, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan

What I did today

Moved to Tokushima Prefecture
Light exercise at the inn

I moved to Tokushima prefecture.

When I woke up in the morning, the weather was very nice.
So I walked to the beach.

These pictures are the inn, the scenery seen from the inn, and the flowers near the beach.

The clerk at the inn was very kind.
He kindly talked about Staying in the car and Surfing.

After this, I decided to head toward Tokushima Prefecture.
On the way, I passed near some surf points, but I didn’t get out after all because there were almost no waves and the parking fee was high.

I thought I needed to exercise as much as possible during the trip.
That’s because I’m often in the car, except for surfing and sightseeing.

The inn I stayed at today was very simple and beautiful.