Handmade banana jam

Tuesday, May 6, 2021

On this page, I will introduce the handmade banana jam I made. (It may be something like a personal note, not an introduction.)
I looked at some web pages and made it myself.
It was easy and delicious!
And then, for your information, I think you can make various jams just by changing bananas with other fruits!
Please try it if you have the chance!


Lemon juice:50g

With these ingredients,
this amount of jam was completed.


How to make

Slilce the banana and put in a pan.
When boiling, crush it a little using a spoon.


Sugar: 50g

Lemon extract: 50g

Add the sugar and lemon extract and set on low to medium heat.
crush the banana finely and continue mixing so it won’t burn.
When the water is reduced and it becomes thick then the jam is done.
※When I checked other recipes, they require adding water. In my case, I chose the easier one which is not adding any. 😉



It was a very short blog. 🙂
I could easily cook this jam and it was delicious.
I want to challenge myself to make more using other ingredients and I will try not to use lemon extract also.