Diary (Wandering the World Day 242)

Wednesday, July 22, 2020
※Wandering the World Day 242
※Japan tour Day 10
※Cumulative number of nights in the car Day 3

【Place to stay】
Hyuga city, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

【What I did today】
Online English lessons:25mins+review:15mins
PC work at McDonald’s
nights in the car

【Diaries, events, etc.】
I laid a yoga mat last night and stayed in the car and the comfort was absolutely different!
It was nice to use it  😀
However, it gets hot inside the car :_(
I slept sometimes with the engine and air conditioner turned on.
And I got up at 5:30 today.
I surfed early in the morning.

There weren’t many waves, but it might have been good for me to break in.
There are quite a lot of people.
Of course not as much as Kanto area. (social distance is OK)
We talked to the beach house (the beach administration building).
She was kind 🙂

A board that I gave to my friend.
I use it carefully 🙂

Inside the car (may need some more organization ;-o)

For lunch, I went to a set restaurant along the road.
The seats were somehow vacant because it was before noon, but after that, the number of customers came and the seats were full. People waiting outside.
When I ordered a mackerel set meal, the clerk told me that there is no mackerel today, but I can choose any other kind of fish I like 🙂

Inside the Styrofoam, there are probably a lot of fish that fishermen have come today.
You can choose from them!
This is my first time! 🙂

There were so many different types that I couldn’t choose, so I asked for the “swordfish” I heard when I explained.
It was so delicious :)))


I’ll be surfing + English conversation lesson tomorrow!  🙂